Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ambigram Tattoos -ideas tattoos for man

Ambigram tattoo (on lead singer of Fuel Toryn Green)

Ambigram tattoos have been rising in popularity for years, and for good reason. No other design allows someone to present two messages to the world within the same physical space, and in such a cool way.

Of course, they are also a great conversation piece, as anyone with an ambigram tattoo will tell you. Anyone who is familiar with ambigrams will have no problem commenting on it.

“Hey, cool ambigram. What does it say upside-down?”

Although there are a few different artists specializing in ambigram tattoos, the Picasso of ambigram artistry is Mark Palmer, who has created literally thousands of ambigram tattoo designs. You can even create your own ambigram tattoo from Mark Palmer’s artwork at his WowTattoos web site.

Ambigram tattoos have become even more popular as a result of the success of Dan Brown’s book Angels and Demons (and the Ron Howard movie by the same name). Although exact figures are not known, it is estimated that tens of thousands of people have found these artistic creations worthy of a permanent spot on their bodies.

Although the popularity of ambigram tattoos remains, ambigram jewelry is also heating up, possibly since it keeps the same “coolness” without being quite as permanent. For example, you can get an ambigram necklace or an ambigram ring at the FlipScript ambigram products web site.

So, whether your tastes lie in ambigram tattoos or ambigram jewelry, Wired magazine said it best when they claimed that “Ambigrams are the hottest trend in typography since Helvetica”
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